Daniel Wodecki is a Rhode Island native, currently residing in Coventry. Daniel’s passion for the art of photography began in his early teenage years, leading him to study photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received his BFA. During his career, Daniel has photographed weddings, concerts, sporting events, food and products, and real estate; with his areas of expertise being twilight and aerial photography.

After years of working with a national real estate photography company, Daniel decided to join Lila Delman as the lead in house photographer.  He brings a keen eye, attention to detail, and enthusiasm to be an early adapter of technology. In addition to photography, Daniel produces Matterport virtual tours, aerial drone photography, and oversees all post-production editing.  His ability to capture a property’s history, life, and story through a lens is truly unmatched.

While Daniel’s full-time career is with Lila Delman, he is available on weekends to provide other homeowners and agents with these same opportunities to photograph their homes and properties.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys hiking and traveling with his wife Amanda and their dog, Shandy. He is also an avid beer brewer and wine-maker and loves to cook and garden.​​​​​​​
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